Monday, November 12, 2012

Gardening Without a Garden

Like almost everyone else in Singapore, we live in a high-rise apartment complex. Experiencing nature in an intimate way is therefore not really an option for us. I do take R to the park a lot: but while this is outside, it's also very manicured and landscaped. "Untouched" places in Singapore are few and far between: and in any case they are not suitable for self-directed toddler play, due to the numerous poisonous snakes, rampant insect life (including dengue fever-carrying mosquitoes) and plant growth so dense that exploration off designated trails is not possible without a machete. The tropics are not very friendly to human life.

So rather ridiculously I have been taking R to gardening class. She plants seeds, digs with a little spade, gets to touch and smell various herbs and vegetables, and waters the plants. It seems silly to have to pay to get the opportunity to do this, but such is life in Singapore.
Unclear on the concept: watering the concrete NEXT to the garden
The first time we went R was apparently disgusted by the dirt (refused to touch it) and screamed in terror when she saw an ant (in her defense, some species here are quite large: this one was about the size of a quarter). Later on she got more used to it.
Planting a bulb
Examining a seedbed
Still likes watering best!
They have little indoor activities too (we have made mooncakes and carved pumpkins, for instance).
R is supposed to use the molds to make mooncakes, but mostly she just wanted to eat the filling
Art activity
We are visiting my parents this winter, and I am very excited that R will have access to a real backyard (since winters are so mild in California, she will still be able to play outside). But at least she can garden a bit!

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  1. Those are really cute pictures! If it makes you feel any better, we don't have a backyard here either- though I suppose there are local parks. I think it's great to get her into outdoor activities so early!