Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Toddler Friendships

R was getting better, but she got sick again on Sunday night, requiring another ER visit (and despite various tests, we still don't have a diagnosis: current working theory is a virus). So life continues to be really boring. Poor R is too sick to play with her friends or go anywhere. I tried taking her to the park but she was too weak to get out of the stroller (especially pathetic as generally she despises the stroller).
R with zoo hat and zoo water bottle
Instead, here are pictures from yet another zoo visit a few weeks ago. We went with R's classmate P, her favorite friend at school. We bumped into him at the most recent ER visit actually, as he is also sick: school is a vector of disease. They were both on the mend at that point, so had a great time playing tag and chasing each other around after R ate all his snacks (she always does this when they meet, I think because P is French and thus his snacks are better. Luckily P doesn't mind.)
P: he's a few months older than R
Looking at the map together. Love P's outfit as it looks so French
We don't know these people: R just thought she'd make friends
R loves looking at brochures
She carried this around for most of the trip
R and P at the lion exhibit
They greet each other by name now, which is really cute. P had so much fun with R at the ER that he didn't want to go home and had to be forcibly removed. Once they are both better, we'll have to go back to the zoo!

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