Thursday, November 15, 2012

No More Baths for R?

We are moving next month (just before we board the plane for a 18 hour flight and three week vacation: not looking forward to this). The new apartment is also in a modern high-rise (we will be on the 17th floor there, instead of the 20th), in the same neighborhood. The actual space is similar too: three bedrooms, living/dining area, tiny kitchen, maid's quarters...In general the variety of housing options in Singapore is smaller than in the US.
R in the bath: she used to be frightened of the bubbles but now she likes them
In some ways the new place is nicer. Advantages: terrace area (though since R can't be out there unsupervised, it's not a unmixed blessing); oven; brand new appliances; dedicated study for B (meaning the third bedroom can have some other function than a computer/paper cavern); better on-site convenience store (the new one sells fresh produce and cheese). Still no dishwasher (because doesn't everyone have a maid???).
Busy dumping water onto the floor
The main disadvantage is that there's no bathtub. I am really sad about this because R loves baths and takes one with her father almost every night (it's their bonding time). Maybe we can buy one? I will look into this. We are also going to lose our ocean view and enormous pool area (the new complex has two pools plus a water play area, but they are smaller).
R takes as many toys into the bath as she can (including her baby doll)
Overall I think the new apartment will be nice and we will enjoy living there and having a bit more space. This is the right attitude to take in any case, because we don't really have a choice in the matter!


  1. you should get her a blow up bath. we used to have one for P.

    1. What brand did you get? I am worried it wouldn't be sturdy enough...

  2. Wow, I don't know what I would do without a bath! I don't think she would tolerate showers, though I hear some kids like it. I hear the munchkin blow up bath (I think- the one that looks like a duck) is pretty good.

    1. Thanks for rec! I will check it out (we are going back to the US soon so all brands will be available).