Monday, November 5, 2012

Petting Lemurs in Singapore

R is doing much better and we even went out twice, though on rather boring, unambitious trips (grocery store/mall, park across the street). Since nothing interesting happened today, it's a good time to get caught up  on my photo backlog.
Here's a zoo visit a few weeks ago with E and her mother (they are from southern India). We visited the totally awesome Fragile Forest, which is a huge dome filled with freely wandering animals, insects and birds (obviously all non-aggressive). You can get really close: see me petting a lemur! (R refused to touch him, preferring to err on the side of caution).
A better shot of the lemur chillaxing
Butterflies are everywhere, as the space is fully enclosed with netting
Fruit bats!! I love them though many people think they are creepy
Sloth eating some fruit: this isn't zoomed at all, he was really just that close. 
Bat in more cliche pose: weird to see his genitalia (but they are mammals after all)
Mouse deer wandering around happily (no fences here)
Ring tailed lemurs having a snooze
After the Fragile Forest, we made our way to the reptile area. They have a really impressive collection of snakes and other reptiles (not surprisingly!). 

E liked the snakes
R was mostly just interested in pushing E's stroller around

Monitor lizards (just like the ones at Sungei Buloh!)

Kind of monstrous looking, isn't it?
E is getting tired and hot, but R has boundless energy: more pushing!
A Komodo dragon!!! This is the first one I've seen in person: SO excited
Galapagos Tortoise. They are massive: one could easily serve as my steed, at least if I wasn't in a hurry
R posing for E's mother. She really liked this statue, better than the real thing I think.
All of this is just a very small part of the zoo. I've visited it multiple times now, and still haven't experienced everything (like elephant rides, the petting zoo, and the children's play area). Good thing we have a membership!

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