Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Hate Having a Sick Toddler

R got very sick Friday afternoon and by 6 pm she began to get lethargic and mostly immobile. Taking her temperature was the final proof it was time for a speedy trip to the ER.

I was really worried initially of course (she was so listless, very unlike her!). As soon as the medicines began to work though, she started trying to climb all over the spare wheelchairs: when she made a sprint for the entrance to the parking lot (one of her new favorite activities: the quick dash into danger) I knew she would be fine. And she's been recovering little by little, so my anxiety is gone.

But she's still been sick all weekend. I feel like a bad person saying this (and probably AM at least an ungrateful one, because I should be glad for my mostly healthy child), but I really dislike caring for R when she is ill.

She is clingy: only Mommy will do, and Mommy must be in sight, preferably in physical contact, at all times (generally R is quite independent). She wakes up multiple times at night, insisting on being nursed (her throat is really inflamed, which with the fever explains this desire); she wants me to carry her everywhere; she has temper tantrums whenever things don't go her way (her toy cars wouldn't fit into a box because she was too sick to do it right; she wanted to watch a violent forbidden show; she spilled water on the floor accidentally). She cries and whines a lot: our house has been filled with SO MUCH unpleasant, grinding noise (usually R is very cheerful and rarely whines). She also refuses to nap, which means I've lost my usual 1-2 hour "lunch break".

In general I would just regulate on all this behavior, but she's only doing it because she is in pain, weak (she wanted to go out today but was too frail to take her own steps past the elevator), and generally feels terrible.  Expecting her to behave well is both cruel and futile. So I have to put up with everything as cheerfully as I can: but because I am a rather selfish person, I feel resentful about it.

I hope she gets better soon!


  1. I don't think you're being selfish- I don't think anyone enjoys sick babies. :( I hope she feels better soon! Have you tried popsicles? That helped N's sore throat a lot!

    1. No! Why didn't I think of that? Actually R has never had a popsicle. I will buy some tomorrow.

  2. popsickles, ice cream, warm milk, cuddles and her nu-nu (pacifier)...that's the only things that work with P...and a ton of tylenol alternated with motrin.