Monday, December 3, 2012

October, November Catch Up

I am really behind in documenting stuff (like a month behind), which kind of defeats the purpose of the blog (to remind myself about what I was doing). So I will just dump all the old pictures here (since that way they are on the blog and I will have recorded them for myself). Then I can start fresh!

R practicing turning knobs
Dancing to Bollywood music
Having a temper tantrum
Morning routine: doing her own thing in her room while I attempt to wake up
Cars with F
I like R's expression here though F is a blur
She loves the ball machine
It uses air pressure to make the balls float in mid-air
Playing with an older boy: R is not shy!
Toy kitchen! She loves it: I think that's what she'll get for her birthday
Pretending to wash dishes
I like this dress because it has elephants on the skirt
Playing with Baby
Her father makes this expression all the time: so strange to see it on a little baby face
She looks so small here!
Naughty face
I hid this toy (it makes noise so I dislike it) but R found it in the closet
Me and R
She still sucks her thumb often
At the park
Running in the sand
This boy wanted me to take his photo: that's his picture smile. R doesn't know what to think.
Playing in the sand (those aren't her toys: she got another kid to lend them to her)
With her Dora umbrella
She loves looking at the computer, just like me
First gingerbread cookie
Not really a fan
Hmm...can I have cheesecake instead? 
At the park again
Playing in the mud
Laughing: toddler laughter is the cutest sound
Where does this go?

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  1. toddler laughter really is the sweetest sound in the world.