Sunday, December 2, 2012

Water Play at Jurong Bird Park

Last time we went to Jurong Bird Park the water play area was closed for renovation. So naturally we had to go back (this time with a different baby friend, F was at Gymboree I think?).
Of course R had to bring Baby
We started out with the penguins (mostly just because that area has air conditioning) and watched them getting fed.

Then it was on to the flamingos.
Same pose, different day: R still likes them
So far R is not greedy with her toys and is generally happy to share
And after that, straight to the water park!
 It's really quite big, with multiple slides and stories. The play structure is surrounded by a very large padded floor and smaller water features.
 Naturally the first thing R wanted to do was go on the slide (she is typically pretty unafraid)
 They have staff there to play and interact with the children (free of charge), which was awesome because I am kind of lazy and prefer to chat with my friends over going down the slide with R over and over.
 R in one part of the water play area (this section had a roof and was thus shaded). Aren't all the fountains cool?
 This is about half of the total area, to give you an idea of its scale.
Face plant! But R doesn't mind.
Imitating the other baby by crawling. R loves babies.

Checking in on Baby: they are having an intense conversation here because Baby fell face-first into the water
She's OK! Back to swimming.
Down the slide again! (This time with more caution)
That was fun!
Afterwards we had to ride the car again, because R remembered it from last time.
I love the bird park!

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  1. im so jealous as we bundle up in winter jackets, snow boots, and hats. ;)