Saturday, January 19, 2013

R's Second Christmas

I have pretty much no photos from R's first Christmas (because they were taken on my mother's camera, and  then she lost it before transferring the photos). Honestly the photos this year weren't any good either but I am going to put them here anyway, as an aid to memory if nothing else.
R is bemused by all the presents everywhere, just after she'd entered the living room
It was a great Christmas because R is now old enough to be excited about presents and candy (and yet not old enough to be greedy or disappointed in her expectations). We had it at my parents' house, with my sister, her husband, their daughter, B, me, R, my little cousin (who's 19 now, so not so little I guess), and my parents.
Little cousin V: isn't she beautiful?
Baby D, Mom, my sister and R with chocolate all over herself, looking at one of her new books
The usual traditions prevailed: the grand reveal of stuffed stockings and tons of presents under the tree; playing the yule log channel as we opened presents; and a enormous fattening breakfast (prepared by my father, natch, as none of the females in my family can do more than boil water: very funny to compare notes and realize that my brother-in-law is also the cook, and that even my little cousin has her boyfriend cook for her every night). Then we spent the rest of the day just hanging out together, which was my favorite part. It's so nice to be able to spend time with my beloved family!
Admiring her new baby doll and its accessories
Fake crying (Baby is supposed to be doing it; then R gives her a hug)
Do you hear the music? (Christmas carols are playing)
R's favorite part: removing wrapping paper
Eco friendly kitchenware from my sister (she and her husband are kind of hippies)
R got chocolate coins in her stocking
She wasn't sure what to do at first (I look so sleepy OMG: not a morning person!)
Can I eat this?
Hmm...not bad
Pixie feels very sad that she didn't get chocolate for Christmas too
And one more of baby D, because she's so cute!!

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