Friday, January 18, 2013

Visiting California

R enjoying my parents' backyard
We were in California for about two weeks. Despite my initial plans, we didn't do anything exciting and barely went on any outings either (a couple trips to kid-friendly museums and a farm was pretty much it). We did visit San Francisco multiple times, but it was to see various friends and family members (three new babies there: our friends are all starting to reproduce now). B and I went to see exactly ONE movie (The Hobbit, which I loved; B thought it was a bit dull, which it was, but my excitement over seeing dwarves etc. on the screen means I give it a lot of leeway).

Partly this lack of initiative was because my sister just had a baby (in October) and so we spent most days hanging out together at my parents' house in that "newborn haze". Partly it was because R stopped sleeping well. At home she is a great sleeper, but at my parents' she started waking up multiple times every night and screaming until I would break down and let her sleep in my bed. I am not at ALL a fan of cosleeping (not because I have moral objections, just for selfish reasons) and she is never allowed to do it in Singapore.

R meeting D: she was totally fascinated
But I was in a bad position at my parents', because their house is quite small and has very thin walls, meaning that if R yelled at night it would wake everyone up. Plus my parents did everything in their power to encourage R to sleep badly (getting her up to play whenever she woke up at night; begging me to "rescue" her whenever she cried, etc). As a result she never got over her jetlag fully and was pretty grumpy for the entire time we were there. It sort of makes me sad because my parents and everyone else didn't really see her at her best (she was still cheerful and energetic, because that's her personality, but much more whiny and high maintenance than usual). Oh well. The good news is that as soon as we returned to Singapore she reverted to her old sleeping patterns (12 hours straight at night in her own room; a daily 2+ hour nap; brief and easy bedtime routine). It's funny what a big difference having a well sleeping child makes in my mood and general attitude about parenting.
R with her grandmother and great-aunt
We still had a great time (and so exciting to meet all the new babies, especially my darling niece D!). I love watching R with her relatives: they all love her so much, and it's great to see her developing relationships with them.
R and my parents' dog: R loved feeding,  playing with and bossing around Pixie
R started calling her grandmother "Mama" and appealing to her whenever I made her do something she disliked
R loved going on walks: she always wants to bring a bag though
With her grandfather: a two-bag walk this time
Pa, R, baby D and my sister: R really wants to hold D but had to settle for petting her
Pixie, Pa and R enjoying Christmas time


  1. The bag thing is totally adorable, especially that picture of the "two-bag walk."

    When I saw that picture of you in the snow in Japan, that might be the first time it ever actually crossed my mind to go somewhere in the winter. I'll have to let it sink in for a while...

  2. It looks like she had a lot of fun! Sorry the sleeping was bad. We often have the same experience when we travel with our little one.