Wednesday, February 13, 2013

101 in 1001 Update

Goals? Oh yeah, I had so many...

I pretty much fell off the wagon and stopped tracking my progress altogether (seems like an infusion of grit is in order). Time to get back on it!

Here's my list of 101 in 1001 goals for 2012, with the ones I accomplished crossed out.

February 2012
Day trip to Pulau Ubin
Exercise five days a week for a month
Give up all caffeine for two weeks (really)

March 2012
Complete photo album of little R's first year
See a doctor for my heartburn
Hire a professional to do our taxes

April 2012
Send family cards via mail, either for a reason or no reason (at least 5)
Buy life insurance for B (at least $1 million)
Lose 15 pounds (weigh 125 pounds)

May 2012
Overnight trip for anniversary, 2012
Work my way through beginning Mandarin (Book 1)
Have a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

June 2012
Take swim classes with little R (complete 14)
Save $30,000 as a backup fund for emergencies etc.
Visit a financial planner

July 2012
Help my cousin visit me in Singapore
Buy myself a pearl necklace
Go on a beach vacation with little R

August 2012
Take Mandarin class with little R (complete 15)
Sort, reorganize and store files
Visit family in California (2/5?)

September 2012
Tour the Goat Farm
Open a retirement account/Roth IRA
Get antique scroll rematted

October 2012
Take a river cruise
Take a music class with little R
Get up right when my alarm goes off for two weeks

November 2012
Visit all the museums in Singapore (at least 26)
Do yoga every day for a month
Work my way through intermediate Mandarin (Book 2)

December 2012
Send family cards via mail, either for a reason or no reason (at least 5)
Visit family in California (3/5?)
Get makeup professionally done

Hmm...THAT'S not very impressive, is it? Luckily hope springs eternal. It's already mid-February, but here are my goals for this month:

--Exercise at least five days a week (B is back on duty!)
--Keep saving for backup fund (over halfway there!)
--Get a pedicure (oh my life is hard)
--Read 10 books (reading has been very pathetic lately, too much time on the Internet)
--Visit two new museums
--Send family cards via mail (at least 5)

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