Thursday, February 14, 2013

Singapore Science Centre

We went to the Science Museum again a little while ago. R was looking very dapper in matching handbag and shoes (her choice, apparently she has an innate fashion sense? Sure didn't get it from her parents). The handbag is actually from Italy (a gift from one of her little friends) for extra pizzazz.
I bought R a lollipop at lunch. She loves them, so obviously she refused to eat it in favor of carrying it around (I made her put it in the handbag when inside exhibits). She strongly prefers to hoard special treats, for hours sometimes (but only if she really likes them; if a cookie is just OK she will eat it immediately). Don't know where she gets this from either, since I was the kind of kid who ate all my Halloween candy for breakfast (if there was any left by then...).
Her hands-down favorite exhibit was an extremely boring video about cell biology, featuring schematics of Golgi bodies, etc. She was totally fascinated and insisted on staying there for over half an hour.
I got really bored after 5 minutes (B actually has a degree in this subject and even worked in a lab doing research on the same: he tried to interest me but the case was hopeless). I kept trying to suggest that we leave and go do something cooler like play in the outdoor water area, but R wished to learn more about mitochondria.
 So I resigned myself to waiting and took a lot of photos instead. Then I played with my phone, technology's gift to bored parents.
 All the cool bloggers have photos of themselves wherever they go, looking awesome. I have no idea how they do this. Here's my attempt: my face is blocked by my camera, R is not interested in posing (how do all the mom bloggers get their children to do this?) and it's all blurry. At least you can see my leggings!


  1. R is so adorable!
    Yeah, I don't know how other bloggers do it.
    My photos are usually blurry/show way too much detail!

  2. Your girl is so adorable! Wonder if she might be keen in our nice little Ecogarden at the back of the Science Centre main building? Hope you have a chance to explore that. Leading to the Ecogarden is our live animal exhibits where you see chicks hatching from eggs, etc :)