Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goal Progress: February

My goals for February/early March were the following:

--Exercise at least five days a week: YES! I am finally exercising consistently: involving B has definitely proved effective.

--Keep saving for backup fund: YES! Making good progress in this department

--Get a pedicure: NO. Haven't had the chance yet. Maybe this week though, now that R is back in school (she had school holidays, I guess because painting is very tiring?)

--Read 10 books: SORT OF. But I read 7, which is pretty good after such a long period of minimal reading.

--Visit two new museums: SORT OF. I visited one, plus three I'd been to before (the Singapore Art Museum, the Zoo, the Bird Park).

--Send family cards via mail (at least 5): NO. I have so much guilt about this whole issue: will have to discuss it another day when my internal resources are better.

I don't like having goals within the calendar month (seems so untidy), so I am just going to have a few goals for the next couple weeks, and start fresh April 1st.

--Keep exercising at least five days a week.
--Keep saving for backup fund.
--Get a pedicure.
--Read five books (ambitious, but I can do it).
--Visit a new museum.
--Complete two chapters of Mandarin book.

Let's see how it goes!

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