Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mothers' Day in Khao Lak

For Mothers' Day we went to Khao Lak near Phuket, Thailand. Like every other time we've been there (3 or 4, B and I couldn't remember) we stayed at the JW Marriott, which B likes for the enormous swimming pool that snakes around the property, allowing you to swim from the lobby to your room, the beach or the restaurants if you are so inclined (it is supposedly the longest in Southeast Asia). I like the pool too, but my favorite part is the beautiful white sandy beach teeming with small marine life (lots of hermit crabs).
R loves the pool, the breakfast buffet, and taking bubble baths in the enormous tub (we don't have a real bathtub at home, so it's a special treat for her).

She actually hates the beach, so getting her to go there is like pulling teeth. (She is scared of the waves and dislikes the sand on her skin.) But it's so beautiful!

She did have a good time once she was there. Here she is singing a song she made up.

Leaping and cavorting on the beach: so cute!
Right after these pictures she got tired, had a meltdown, and had to be removed from the beach while shrieking about how she was sandy and hated the sand and just wanted to go watch TV. Such is life with a preschooler sometimes (and to be fair to R, most of the time she is an immensely cheerful and delightful companion). It's a good reason to take photos though, I can look at these of her dancing around and remember just the positive parts of the vacation!

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