Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Revisiting Haw Par Villa

This past weekend we went to Haw Par Villa again. This only-in-Singapore theme park features over 1000 statues based on Chinese history and mythology, and is both weird and wonderful.

Last time we went there R was a tiny baby: just look at the difference!

We visited the Ten Gates of Hell, a depiction of the Buddhist hells where evildoers are tormented for their misdeeds. It's pretty graphic and R was a bit scared but insisted on visiting anyway. 

Evildoers being judged
Dragged off in chains
Roasted over the fire
Torturing evildoers
The rest of the park is as weird and wacky as the dioramas of Hell. Country scenes, animals dressed as people, depictions of Chinese myths and fables, and gods all alternate. R was fascinated. 

Stag and rat enjoying a game together, served by a turtle. Why? I have no idea. 
R on a human-headed giant crab
R's hero, Monkey King (she has a whole series of books about him)
Very odd looking giraffe snake
That's my reaction, too, R

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