Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving Logistics

The moving day is rapidly approaching. We fly out of the country July 5th (yikes yikes yikes) and I have a ton of stuff to do. I haven't done that much to prepare for the move, partly because of little R, beyond the essentials (getting her a passport, buying tickets, visa applications, getting moving quotes). So now I really must get cracking and finish all the preparations, especially because I will have little R in tow and thus can't just wing it since she needs stability and comfort.

Things to do: UPDATED 6/20/11
1. Finalize moving quote (right now it's too high, I must negotiate with the movers to bring it down by moving less)
2. Get rid of the furniture/stuff we are not moving: schedule SA/Goodwill pickup, see if my cousin E wants anything
3. Arrange for disposal of car: either my parents or cousin E will get it; I must decide who (talk to parents) and how much to sell it for (it's worth $4000-5000, but I will charge them maybe $1000-$2000); transfer title to appropriate person
4. Find out about necessary shots for little R (pediatrician appt tomorrow), any other health concerns for her (benadryl on plane?)
5. Buy clothes/new wardrobe for B (at least partial, esp. shoes); also, help him get his hair cut
6. Have B square away Stanford student costs, health insurance premiums until July 1st.
7. Get travelers' health insurance for B, me and little R for the first month (or two?) to ascertain that we will be covered until Singapore insurance kicks in: decided not to do
8. Pay my Cobra premiums for June and July (so I'm covered until I leave the country): WORKING ON THIS
9. Make B buy life insurance: should be for at least $1 million
10. Get new driver's license (or at least apply for this)
11. Choose one bank (either B of A or Chase, both are in Singapore) and cancel other accounts; make it a joint account for B and I (discuss w. B if we also would like separate accounts for personal money)
12. Get birth certificate for B
13. Post old stroller on craigslist for sale
14. Get 3 month supply of little R's medicine
15. Make hotel reservation for when we arrive in Singapore: check w. NUS about what they will reimburse (a suite would be better as then little R could have her own space)
16. Arrange for advance from NUS for apartment rental/down payment: this is important as otherwise we won't have the cash: get on it
17. Book appointments with rental agents in Singapore for shortly after our arrival? Discuss this with B (will he have to be at work? I don't know)
18. Arrange for cleaners to come to clean the apartment, as I don't want to deal with this: no cleaners, B and I will do
19. Confirm what security deposit was/how much we should get back(SHOULD BE $1900); arrange with landlord about final week of rent (only paying for July 1-7th: SHOULD BE $475)
20. Cancel PG&E, internet service as of 7/7/11
21. Cancel car insurance, cell phone as of 7/6/11
22. Make a will detailing who gets custody of little R if we die (1. my parents and 2. my sister)
23. Buy new nursing bras (essential), one pair jeans, nice dress?
24. Get hair cut/colored
25. Get nails done before leaving
26. Have B deal with my grandfather's computer (give to parents once he does),

I'm sure there will be more, so I will update this list as I think of it.

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  1. This list seems so overwhelming - and it's not even my list! Good luck!