Friday, October 14, 2011

Singapore and Bali with In Laws

My father-in-law is coming to visit us for 2.5 weeks, and I am nervous about it. We actually get along really well (he credits me with turning B's life around, since B turned from a surly slacker with a mohawk who was always in trouble into a multilingual, successful and ambitious doctorate-holder after he met me; this transformation wasn't due to my prompting, but hey, the credit's nice for family harmony). However, he is going to be here a long time, and he and B have kind of a weird relationship (which is really a post of itself). In addition, B has to work.

So it's on me to make things go smoothly. I am going to be brainstorming activities to do (he's here in Singapore for 10 days! yikes). Our usual routine is going to have to be a little different (for instance, he won't want to eat at the hawker centre at all, while we eat there every day), but it can't be too different or little R will suffer. I wish my father-in-law was a little bit more mature (B says, accurately, that he is just like a 3-year-old), but it is what it is. I just will have to be clear with my boundaries, since he isn't able to understand what others are feeling very well.

At least we will be going to Bali, which I would like to visit. He picked the hotels, so we are going to be staying in a 2 bedroom villa with a private pool at Gending Kedis and the Payogan Villa Resort. If we were going on our own, we'd stay in some budget hotel but a little luxury is nice sometimes. I hope for the best!

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  1. Are'nt in-laws tricky? Especially when you have to entertain them for a while by yourself..Gah! Good luck and just remember: 10 days!