Friday, January 20, 2012

Sick Little R

Poor little R got sick today. She missed her second swim class (it was raining and thundering anyway, so the class would have been cancelled even if she could have gone) and had to spend all day at home feeling fretful, feverish and stuffy. She took three naps instead of her usual two, but even the extra sleep did not help her feel much better.

Usually she is quite an independent baby, but today she kept coming up to me for hugs and comfort. She wouldn't stay in my lap though, because she feels compelled to toddle around destroying stuff, so after a few minutes she would struggle up on her feet and set off on a new mission. But then she would feel overwhelmed with sickness after 5-10 minutes, cry in frustration, and come up clinging to me again. This was the pattern all day long. As a result, neither of us got anything done.

We went out to dinner as she seemed to be feeling a little bit better after her third nap of the day. She ate her pasta bolognese with a good appetite, but midway through dinner paused and got a very concentrated look on her face. Then she threw up all over herself and the floor (her first time vomiting!).

I hope she feels better tomorrow.


  1. Gosh that sucks. :( I too hope she gets to feeling better! It's not fun to have a sick baby.

  2. omg sick babies are just so sad :( my heart breaks every time that I know they're not feeling well. I absolutely hate throwing up - like cry over it - and I can't imagine how a little one must feel when they have to throw up :( I hope she gets better super quickly.