Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Update: Travel and Making My Child Look Cute

Tomorrow we'll be on Tioman Island, a tropical island with lovely beaches off the coast of Malaysia. Whee! 

We're only there two nights because B has to go to work (boring!), but I am really looking forward to the break from the daily routine, especially given my mood lately. I am planning a trip to Penang next month as well, then in May my parents visit, and in June we are visiting the US again. Hopefully all this traveling will pep me up a little.

B thinks that I need to set goals for myself, so that I feel like I am making progress (unfortunately, mothering is basically a dead-end job and does not really give me a sense of accomplishment. Anything little R succeeds at becomes her triumph: I am just the roadie.). Neither of us wants me to start working yet (B made a face of horror at the idea: it is very nice for him to have me at home!), so I am going to try to recommit to exercising regularly (this has been pretty much a fail) and learning Mandarin again. I'll see how it goes.

In other news, thinking about how people favor the attractive in every imaginable way, I went shopping today and bought little R a whole bunch of cute new clothes. Even though she is only 13 months old, I have already noticed people are nicer to her if she's dressed in a darling little outfit. Sad but I can't fight biology; instead, I will just have to try stacking the deck in her favor. (She does look really cute in the clothes though.)

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  1. That's really interesting that people are nicer to Little R when she's in cute clothes! I always assumed people were either "baby people" or not, therefore a cute outfit would have no effect because of people's already established views of babies.

    Mike and I talk about having goals for myself all of the time. On days when I do a lot, I feel much more accomplished & happy, even if they're little projects. Right now I'm working on creating photo albums of every year since 2008. It's kind of a daunting task, but it keeps me busy and I know we'll be happy to have them.

    I hope you have an AWESOME time on Tioman Island!! It'll be just what you need, I'm sure!