Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Schedule: Little R at 8 Months

Since I did this the last time, little R has grown tremendously. She's now mobile, which is a big shift, but life is a lot easier now (especially the sleeping part). This day is typical when we don't have something special going on (travel, playgroup, visitors...).

Meals: 6 milk feeds, 3 solid meals
Sleep: 3 hours nap, 12 hours at night
Diapers: 7 changes, 2 poopy
Chores (cleaning and other): 3 hours
Exercise: 1 hour

8:00 am: I go in to see Little R and she’s already awake and standing up in her crib. She greets me with a delighted shriek and a smile.

8-8:25 am: I nurse little R and change her diaper.

8:25 am: Little R and I go in to wake up B; he tells us to come back in 10 minutes (Grace snooze alarm) so we go out to the kitchen and I make him coffee while Little R crawls around.

8:40 am: Wake up B again; while he gets up I get dressed and ready; Little R explores the bedroom and bathroom.

9:00 am: I am ready and B is awake; we all go to the living room where he sips his coffee and looks at the internet. I supervise and play with little R as she explores the apartment and gets into everything. Sometimes I can read or surf the net too, but today she doesn’t feel like playing quietly by herself.

9:30 am: B leaves while I make breakfast for little R and me. Today it’s scrambled eggs and Cheerios. We sit at the table together to eat.

9:50 am: Little R is done eating. I wipe her off (not too messy today) and then call my parents on Skype.

10:15 am: We had a nice chat and they got to see little R and hear about her latest baby things. Now little R is tired and ready for her nap.

10:15-10:30 am: I change her diaper, nurse her and put her down to sleep with her lovey (an elephant blanket).

10:30-11:20 am: I have free time so I look at the internet.

11:20 am: B comes back and we chat.

11:45 am: I do some house chores: dishes, fold laundry, put in a new load; B works on the computer.

12:00 pm: Little R wakes up. I nurse her and change her diaper (poopy). Then we read a story together until she gets bored.

12:30 pm: I pack little R’s bag. She plays (with her toys for a change) while B finishes up some emails. I help him with some logistical stuff (including buying our tickets to the US for Christmas). Also I change Little R’s diaper again.

1:10 pm: We all go out for lunch to the local hawker centre. Little R eats some sweet and sour fish, cooked spinach, and rice.

2:00 pm: B and I go to the five and dime to get some wall hooks and other stuff. Then R and I drop him off at a coffeehouse to work, while we head home for R’s nap.

2:30 pm: Little R and I arrive home. She is tired and fussing, so I change her clothes and diaper, nurse her, and put her into bed.

2:45 pm: Little R’s second nap. I do various chores now (hanging up things, emails, another load of laundry, more childproofing, scheduling air conditioner appt, plane reservation stuff, correspondence with book vendors for B’s research etc.).

4:15 pm: Little R wakes up. I go fetch her and she is delighted to see me as always. I nurse her and change her diaper (poopy) as she attempts to roll off the changing table. Sitting still for diaper changes is not in her scheme of life: I hate having to pin down a wriggling baby covered in poop though (my least favorite part of the day).

4:40 pm: Little R investigates things while I get ready to go for a little walk.

4:45 pm: We’re off for a stroll.

5:20 pm: After dropping off the dry cleaning and seeing the outside world, we’re back home.

5:20-6:00 pm: More chores: laundry, phone calls, tidying, etc. As I go from room to room, little R follows me “helping” with everything. I sing and talk to her to keep her amused.

6:00-6:20 pm: I am very tired and rest on the couch while little R plays with her toys nearby: she’s not a bit tired!

6:20 pm: I start dinner: chicken and ham noodle soup. Little R plays with the pots and pans while I cook.

6:45 pm: B comes home and plays with little R while I finish cooking.

7:00 pm: We eat dinner together. Little R likes noodles pretty well.

7:30 pm: Dinner’s finished and it’s time for little R’s bath. B gives it to her while I read the NY Times.

7:45 pm: Little R is clean and changed. It’s time for bed so once B gives her to me, I nurse her and put her down for the night.

8:00 pm: Little R is in bed. I get changed into my gym clothes.

8:15 pm: Off to the gym; I work out for an hour.

9:20 pm: Back home, I take a shower. B goes off to work some more.

9:30-10:00 pm: Final house chores: cleaning up after dinner, dishes, final load of laundry, final tidy (so house looks nice in the morning before little R messes it up), ironing.

10:00 pm: All done for the day, I pour myself some cranberry juice and vodka and relax: blogging, internet surfing and a little reading.

12:00 am: B is home, we chat and get ready for bed. We are in bed and asleep by 1 am.

Little R sometimes sleeps through the night, but more often wakes up once (usually) or twice (rarely), generally after 3 am. She always eats and goes right back to sleep.

Oh, almost forgot this:
Weight Loss Progress:
--Exercise: One hour at gym; walked over 30 min.
--Diet: Breakfast: eggs and Cheerios; Lunch: sweet and sour fish, spinach and rice; Dinner: chicken noodle soup; Drinks: bubble tea, a frappucino, half a bottle of Coke, a cocktail.
--Other: Still didn't drink enough water; had a frappucino.

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