Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TWLC2 Redux

I decided to join a weight loss challenge last month. I even made a list of goals to meet to help me with the challenge. However, so far I haven't done anything. I have a good excuse: the weight loss challenge started on the 15th, but my father in law arrived on the 14th (and stayed until the 1st). It was impossible for me to make any progress while he was here because I needed all my willpower to refrain from strangling him, meaning there was none left over for fitness habits. Then everyone was sick for the following week.

However, now that we are all on the mend, I am recommitting. I will list progress on my goals daily at the end of each blog post.

--Exercise: Yesterday I went to the gym for 30 minutes (sad but a start), and today went for an hour. I also walked for 30 min. (to the grocery store and back).
--Diet: Breakfast: Plate of pasta with ham and tomato sauce; Lunch: a curry bun and a char siew (a sort of meat paste) bun; Dinner: Romaine lettuce with avocado, cucumbers and red onions, with a papaya vinaigrette, with some French bread; Snack: chocolate bar (100 g); Drinks: two glasses juice, one glass bubble tea
--Other: definitely did not drink 8 glasses water; no frappucino but did have dessert

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